IDP Cargo

Importing from Indonesia

Sunset Road in conjunction with IDP cargo, will guide you all the way with both the purchasing and importing of your décor as well as the entire shipping process. This enables our customers to continue focussing on their businesses, while we manage the rest for them making it an easy and streamlined process. With over 20 years expert experience in shipping Indonesian products safely worldwide, IDP Cargo have a global network of staff dedicated to ensuring your goods will arrive safely to the correct destination. We can also work with your preferred freight company to deliver the products to your destination.

Whether you are purchasing larger containers or smaller quantities, it is not a problem, as we have solutions to help you, and we are available to solve any questions about the best way to import our products – rattan, Bali furniture, Bali statues, Bali huts, teak outdoor furniture, day beds, whitewash furniture and interior décor products straight to your door.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs means the cost to ship the products from a designated port in Indonesia to a nominated port anywhere in the world requested by the buyer. Quotes are obtained from Sunset Road freight and logistic partner IDP Cargo based on the buyer shipping requirements.
At Sunset Road we ensure there are no hidden fees or extra costs associated with shipping, and where we cannot quote for something specific, we will let you know clearly on the quote.

When your container is already at the port of your destination, there are companies that take care of all the management you will need to disembark your merchandise. These companies will manage the payment of fees and duties, and they also can take your products from the port of destination to your warehouse.
Additional information for shipping costs can be located on Sunset Roads Terms and Conditions.

So please ask us if you have any questions

Shipping costs