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Here at Sunset Road we are passionate in providing less fortunate cultures with the opportunity to share their craftsmanship skills with the more western world and grow with us as our trading partners.

The Indonesian culture is renowned for the abundance of small workshops where you will observe the local craftsmen often sitting on the floor, craftily sanding and carving a piece of wood into a unique and beautiful piece of art or welding a metal art structure together. This is the draw for many people buying wholesale products as you can find some truly distinctive handcrafted pieces, made with generations of passed down skills, and a passion for what they do. These unique handcrafted pieces we can supply to you, Bali furniture, Bali statues, Bali huts, teak outdoor furniture, Bali day beds, whitewash, interior décor and rattan products.

Indonesia has one of the largest biodiversity of natural materials worldwide allowing us to partner with thousands of craftsman, to design, develop and manufacture many unique décor products and Bali furniture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Sourcing and Custom Made

Here at Sunset Road we have a well-established supplier network throughout all of Indonesia, allowing us to import quality Indonesian products direct from our craftsman at competitive prices, as well as finding those unique customer requests ranging from whitewash furniture, Bali statues, Bali furniture, rattan products, Bali huts, teak outdoor furniture, Bali day beds and interior décor products.

Custom orders are more than welcome as Sunset Road has the network throughout Indonesia and skills to fulfill individual requests, so if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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